5 Huge Properties STILL Crying Out For The Big Screen Treatment!

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With Hollywood, for better or worse, more focused than ever on piling the lion’s share of their budgets on big scale Blockbuster epics, here are 5 properties that we feel deserve such treatment and as soon as possible thank you very much:

1 He-Man/Masters Of The Universe.

Such a beloved property as Maters of The Universe was never destined to stay dormant from the silver screen forever, and so it comes as no surprise at all that this one is already in Development and tentatively scheduled for release in 2019. We can’t help but feel that the time has never been more right for what could be the new Lord Of The Rings(In Space!). In our not always so Humble opinion, Mr Peter Jackson would be a great fit to take on this beloved property, which would doubtlessly benefit from his masterly touch behind the camera, not to mention the instant grvitas his involvement would provide. It may not be the easiest trick to pull off, but if handled correctly, we feel that antagonist supreme Skelator could be a cinematic villain for the ages.

2 Flash Gordon.

With Thor:Ragnarok doing extremely healthy business in movie theatres Worldwide, we feel the time is over-ripe for another bold Space opera in the action adventure mode. While many will remember this property from the original, some might say Classic 1980 movie adaptation, we would like to see a big screen adventure that takes its cue from the comics originally published in 1934, that provide an ample array of adventures to adapt on the silver screen.

3 Thundercats.

Any long term comic book fan will tell you that right now is a time where huge scale movies are being made that would once have never have been seriously dreamt of, and never would this be more the case than if a big budget version of Thundercats finally came to be. In previous decades the idea of bringing together a team of non Earth based feline super-warriors in live action would seem insanely ambitious at best, and preposterous at worst. However, in this age of properties like Guardians Of The Galaxy & Ant-Man making serious Cash at the box office, it surely is only a matter of time till this thing gets a release date.

4 Escape From New York.

John Carpenter’s original undoubtedly remains a powerful and dark action thriller with a nihilistic edge, however, as with most action cinema, time has softened its visceral impact. We therefore would love to see a new take on this tale of the ultimate outsider saving the UScommander in chief from his self created urban hell, that keeps things gritty while elevating the action stakes. The real trick would be keeping protagonist Snake Plissken’s cynicism/anti establishment stance intact, as it has never been more perfect for our times.

5 Labyrinth.

With the sad passing of David Bowie last year, we should all be consoled just a Little by the fact that his lordly performance in 1986’s Labyrinth will live forever on celluliod. With that said we feel that, with more than 30 years since this Classic piece of Family friendly fantasy rocked the big screen, it is high time for another take on the material that takes full advantage of the exponential advances in visual effects technology. Rather than attempt to cast someone who can go toe to toe with the great man as The Goblin King, we would suggest going further down the comedy route and getting someone like Will Ferrell or Adam Mckay to play an even more insane and less elegant version.

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