5 Reasons Why Ben Affleck Will Own The Role Of Batman!

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When it was first announced that none other than Ben Affleck would be stepping into arguably the most iconic role in comic book history there was, somewhat understandably, quite a lot of shock at the undisputably left field casting decision. However it didn’t take long for us at AlwaysAround to be convinced that Warner Bros had hired the right actor to slip into the cape & cowl, so here’s 5 reasons why Affleck will own the role of Batman.

1 He’s Big!

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Let’s face it, up until now the big screen Batman’s have all felt a little scrawny when compared to the classic comic book version of the near super human crime fighter supreme, and in this outing The Dark Knight is facing off against non other than Superman, who, as played by Henry Cavill, would’ve made previous Batmen such as Keaton and Bale seem positively anemic by comparison. We at alwaysaround cannot wait to see this more hulking Batman in action, we are hoping it will resemble some of the greatest comics made flesh.

2 He’s Smart!

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Say what you will about The Flecksters past, he has managed to turn a terminal career into a stunning series of triumphs over the last decade, going from highly questionable leading actor to one of the finest actor/director’s working today. If you want evidence that Affleck has proven himself as one of the finest actor’s & director’s in all of the world just look at his Oscar win for the sensational Argo, in which he excelled both in front & behind the camera.

3 He Understands How To Make Movies!

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While it is of course Mr Zack Snyder who will be calling the shots on the forthcoming Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice, it would take an imbecile to believe that the ‘Oscar Winning’ Affleck won’t be giving his opinions on the creative process behind the camera throughout the shoot. In the past Zack Snyder has declared that he loves collaboration with his actors & co filmmakers(a real rarity for a director of such uncompromising vision), and when you add to this the hiring of Argo scriptwriter Chris Terrio, who was called in to rework the script from the ground up, you had better believe that Affleck has pretty much all of the power of a producer on this project, even if this isn’t stated on any of the credits, and this my friends is a very good thing.

4 He’s Good At Playing Angry!

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Check out Ben’s performances in the likes of Changing Lanes & The Town if you have any doubts whatsoever that he can play furious anger and simmering rage, two qualities that any big screen Batman most certainly requires. Granted, there is far more to playing the legendary Dark knight that a realistically simulated bad temper, but being able to play fury convincingly is certainly a good place to start with the character, we just hope that Affleck doesn’t resort to the somewhat over the top gravelly voice adopted by bale in the role, as we feel that you can achieve a threatening and imposing air without needing to sound like you have late stage throat cancer.

5 He’s Hungry For Success!

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Affleck may now be in a place in his career where he has proven many points about his abilities both in front of & behind the camera, but he & everybody else knows that if he knocks this one out of the park his fame, income & ability to make brave choices in his wider career will skyrocket, and thank goodness Affleck seems to be in a place where he wants all of these things for all of the right reasons. In the past decade he has unquestionably grown as an actor & filmmaker, and so we feel the time is right for Affleck to show what he can do with a superhero role at the right time in his career.

do you think that Affleck will own the role of batman? whatever your thoughts please let us know y commenting below!

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