5 Reasons Why The Force Awakens Will be The biggest Star Wars Movie Ever!

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With less than a year to go until the force awakens with the release of, er, Star Wars : The Force Awakens, we at AlwaysAround give you the top 5 reasons why we believe this will be the first instalment of the most famous movie saga in cinematic history to break a billion at the international box office.

1 New blood behind The Camera

1 JJ A

Much as Mr Lucas deserves all the praise in the world for gifting us with one of the greatest series in movie history, it would take a truly dedicated superfan to attempt to suggest that the prequel trilogy lived entirely up to(admittedly huge)expectations. With clunky dialogue delivered by stifled actors, Episode 1 to 3 simply took all the edge out of a movie series that had given us the super cool likes of Han Solo, Boba Fett &(evil as he is)Darth Vader himself. The prequels quite frankly suffered from a charisma vacuum both in front of and behind the camera, a precious quality that the return of the original ‘classic’ Trilogy’s core cast and the hiring of J.J. Abrams to direct should bring to the series once again.

The addition of J.J. Abrams as helmer is inspired(just look at what he did with the much less high profile reboot of Star Trek), and what is even more inspired in our view is the plan to hand over each new Episode in the series to a new & exciting director, with Episode 8 set to benefit from the presence of Rian Johnson(brick, Looper etc…)behind the camera and presumably an as yet unnamed third director taking over for Episode 9.

2 Old blood In Front Of Camera

1 SW Cast

Though the prequels offered their own unique charm by showing us, amoung other things, a younger and deadlier incarnation of Obi Wan Kenobi & boba Fett’s daddy Jango, nothing can compare to the excitement of seeing the continued adventures of Han & Leia and their offspring as The dreaded Empire presumably gears up to re establish itself as sole rulers of the galaxy. The prospect of seeing those core characters after a break of over 30 years is quite simply thrilling, and we at AlwaysAround are hopeful that JJ Abrams will succeed in staying true to the essence of the characters while hopefully showing how much they have also changed in the intervening years.

On a side note the prospect of a Luke gone bad is tremendously exciting if somewhat unlikely. We at AA very much expecting to see(In Episode 7 anyway)a Luke Skywalker that has transformed into an Obi Wan esque figure that has long since laid down his Lightsaber in order to engage in a more Yoda style sedentary lifestyle. Until The Force Awakens, that is.

3 Modern Tech

1 imax

We may be stating the obvious here, but in the wake of movies such as Avatar, The Avengers & Man Of Steel few could deny that we are living in an age of miracles when it comes to special effects, and boy does the Star Wars Universe love it’s special effects. When Star Wars A New Hope came crashing into the public’s consciousness in 1977 nothing in Sci Fi cinema would ever be the same again in terms of the sheer ambition of scale and pure world building, and so it is more than fitting that the franchise to end all franchises continues to fly the flag for technological advances. The news that at least one extended sequence was shot in IMAX is hugely encouraging, especially as this is highly likely to be a sequence of the epic space battle variety.

4 Destination Unknown

1 evil luke

Much as it was intriguing to see how Anakin became Vader there was something somewhat dulling about knowing the ultimate fate of the character & the Galaxy around him. In this new movie we are moving into genuinely new territory since the Return Of The Jedi and this is a very big deal. Disney have made it very clear that the extended universe will not be considered cannon going forward, so forget any stories you may have read regarding the adventures of Luke or Han post Jedi because as far as the movies are concerned none of that is(necessarily)going to happen. The fact that we the viewer have no idea of where this trilogy is ultimately heading gives it a huge edge over the prequels which, as we have said, were essentially filling in the background of a story we all knew the end to, and what’s exciting about that?

5 New (Badass) Villain

1 kylo ren

Let’s get this straight, there were no villians in Episodes 1 to 3 to hold the faintest of candles to the amazing Mr Vader. True, the character isn’t an easy act to follow, being arguably the number one bad guy in cinema history ahead even of The Joker and Gene Hackman’s Lex Luthor. It has to be said that The Force Awakens looks set to deliver us the first truly scary villain since Vader(sure, I wouldn’t want to meet Maul Or Grievous in a dark alley but Vader would eat them both for brunch and we all know it) in the form of Kylo Ren, the badass (and suspiciously Darth Revan looking) tri Saber wielding dude who looks like he really, really digs the dark side of life.

Do You Think Star Wars: The Force Awakens Will break a billion at The International box office? Whatever your thoughts please let us know by commenting below!

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