5 Things That Rock About The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Trailer.

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With Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice gearing up to kick seven shades of shit out of Marvel Studios at the international box office in 2016, here’s 5 things that kick major ass about the recently released teaser trailer for the Superhero smackdown supreme.

1 It Has A Serious Tone.


Unlike their relatively tongue in check old enemy Marvel, DC have been very clear about the fact that their cinematic Universe is going to be serious with a capital S, and ultimately this is a very, very good thing. While Marvel Studios have succeeded in turning out great Superhero movies that are highly entertaining and frequently very funny, the best DC tales are not light-hearted romps with a comical wink and nod to the absurdity at the heart of their construction, but rather straight faced epics where gods collide and cities crumble in a vast and never ending battle between cosmic good and evil.

Given this essential divide from Marvel in tone and intention, we at AlwaysAround are very happy indeed that Mr Zack Snyder, with his incredible visual eye and dedication to real world aesthetics, is at the helm for both Bats V Supes and, if all goes as planned, Justice League.

If this breathtaking teaser trailer tells us anything about Batman V Superman it is that all involved are taking things very seriously, which should translate into some seriously good Superhero cinema.

2 It Keeps The Rest Of The JLA Under Wraps.


Much as we at AlwaysAround Towers would love to have seen some Aquaman and Wonder Woman in the teaser trailer, we imagine that most clear headed people would agree that it’s too soon to start introducing the cinema going public to other iconic characters in a movie that is so explicitly pitched as DC’s biggest guns duking it out to the pain.

So while we are confident that the fist real action we see of the likes of Aquaman and Wonder Woman will be awesome, we are happy that the filmmakers have had the good sense to make us all wait to get a 1st glimpse of what will surely be the icing on a most glorious Batman V Superman cake.

3 The Score Sounds EPIC.


Many were understandably a little concerned when the news was revealed that a man who voluntarily calls himself Junkie XL was to score The Batman theme in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice. If the spine tinglingly dramatic music that accompanies the teaser is any indication of what we can expect from Batman’s full new theme, we are sure that Mr XL is set to put most naysayers concerns to rest in 2016.

4 Batman’s Voice Is Cool As Ice.


Though we at AlwaysAround were behind the casting of Ben Affleck as Batman from the get go, it can’t be denied that we did wonder whether the actor could pull off a voice that genuinely felt like Batman. The fantastic, by the sounds of it somewhat electronically filtered line at the end of the teaser ”Tell me, Do you bleed?……You Will!”is delivered to perfection by the Argo actor/Director.

It sounds like Affleck’s take on The Batman voice will be aiming for a tightly controlled fury type of vibe, distinguishing it immediately from Bale’s animalistic take on The Caped Crusader’s vocal expressions. We can’t wait to hear more musing’s from the new Bat on the block.

5 The Visuals Are(Unsurprisingly)Staggering.


With visual artist par excellence Zack Snyder behind the camera there was never any doubt that Batman V Superman would be a visual feast. However, even from the very little that the teaser shows, it already seems clear that the man who brought us Watchmen and Man Of Steel has outdone himself yet again. Witness the shot of Superman holding aloft what looks to be a (Russian?) Space-Rocket in serious distress, behold the shot of Batman overlooking his city holding what looks to be a sniper rifle, witness the sheer atmosphere created in the small glimpse of Batman and Superman’s face off in the rain. Those of you out there who like spectacle and majesty, you are in for one hell of a treat in 2016.

What Did You Think About The Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice Teaser Trailer? Whatever Your Thoughts Please Let Us Know By Commenting Below.

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