5 Things That Rocked In The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer!

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In the aftermath of Justice League, it’ nice to have a proper epic Superhero movie to anticipate, and so we at AlwaysAround Towers were thoroughly pleased to finally see the official release of the teaser trailer for Marvel’s mega superhero team up extrordinare, Avengers: Infirnity War.

Already the most viewed trailer of all time, for our money it hits all the right buttons, especially for a first trailer. Here’s our top 5 things that rocked in the trailer:

1 Thanos

Looking more like an actual living, breathing being, as opposed to a CGI creation(we’re looking right at you, DC), and monolouging his way into The Avengers paths with a malevolent swagger, Thanos looks set to do Justice to all of the hype and deliver the fans a truly threatening Super Bad Guy for the ages. We just hope that Marvel doesn’t have too much fun with the character and in the process shy away from showing Thanos as a truly terrible and destructive force.

2 Cap/Nomad Returns.

Whatever name Mr Rogers happens to go by in Infinity Wwar, he damn sure looks ready for business, the business at hand being kicking evil alien ass. His catching of what appears to be Proxima Midnight’s(Google it!)spear is instantly iconic, as is T’Challa’s command to ‘get this man a shield’. As Cap has proven time and time again, while he may not posess the most incredible powers in The Avengers lineup by a longshot, he more than makes up for this with his dynamite strategic skills and second to none leadership abilities, both of which look like they will be on full display in the battle taking place in Wakanda.

3 Iron-Spider

If the image of Peter Parker suited up in his very own Stark Tech stradling an alien Vessel doesn’t do it for you, then you are probably not a comic book/comic book movie fan, and why the fuck are you reading this article, you creep? Seriously though, this glimpse of Spider-Man getting in on the action in a major way is thrilling both dramatically and aesthetically, the suits Iron-Man esque glowing eyes being a particular visual highlight as we see Parker take his homespun heroics to the Major Leagues. We also get a brief shot of what looks very much like Thanos taking Spider-Man to the ground by the neck, however with a sequel to his solo movie already in development, we wouldn’t worry too much about his chances of surviving his encounter with The Mad Titan.

4 Loki Turns(Again)

Well, his moniker is The God Of Mischief after all, so it should really come as no surprise that Loki appears to join Thanos in this particular War. In the trailer we see Loki offering up the Tesseract to what we can safely assume is either the big purple one himself or one of his minions. Shortly before this reveal we are shown what appears to be Loki wading through the bodies of his fellow Asgardian’s, which would make sense seeing as their Ship came into contact with one of Thanos’s at the end of Ragnarok. The truly interesting question is whether Loki knowingly betrays his Brother/people for personal gain, or simply submits to Thanos after he realises it is the only path to survival?

5 Avengers(partly)Assemble!

The main part of the trailer ends on a money shot of Cap/Nomad leading an army into battle which includes within its ranks the not insubstantial likes of Black-Panther, War-Machine, The Winter Soldier, Black-Widow and Falcon. While some of the major players in the Avengers lineup are not present in the sequence, it is still a fantastically striking visual uniting some of Marvel’s biggest heroes.

What Were Your Favorite Parts Of The Infinity War Trailer? Commenmt Below and Let Us Know!

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