5 Things That Worry Us About Justice League !

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With Justice League due to hit theatres in November, here are 5 Things that have us worried about Bats and the gang:

1 What Is Batman’s Deal!?

Crazy Bat

In BvS we were presented with a Batman at the end of his ropes. Although still physically able to handle an entire floor of goons, this older Bruce Wayne has clearly suffered years of crime-fighting related horrors and losses, which in large part led to his murderous campaign against humanity’s greatest protector, Superman. However, in the ad campaign for Justice League thus far Wayne appears to have gotten over his overwhelming fear of super powered beings, and now seems to regard Superman as a fallen comrade and friend? If the Batman we were presented with in BvS was a tad on the crazy side, at least he was consistent. We just hope that the shift from the ultimate loner no holds barred Batman of BvS to the friendly Uncle Batman we are now being sold in JL is handled with some deftness and makes logical sense within the framework of the plot.

In BvS we are supposed to buy into a Batman so sick of tiptoeing around such petty things as laws in his pursuit of revenge(justice having, it would appear, having long been eschewed)against the criminal elements in society that he is quite happy to use high-tech, military grade weapons to dispatch them by the handful. If we are to believe that this is the same Batman that will take Barry Allen under his wing and lead the Justice League, we really hope that we get an insight into why beyond the impression made on him by Superman’s sacrifice.

2 So Far The Ad Campaign Has Given Us Zero Story!

JL No Story

Well, unless you count ‘’shit’s coming, ALL IN!!’’ as a plot, the ad campaign for Justice League thus far has been notably without any real meat in terms of storyline, and we must admit to being just a tad worried that this may be due to the fact that there is no real plot beyond ‘’shit’s coming, ALL IN!!’’.
To be fair, it absolutely could be the case that DC/Warner Bros are cleverly concealing the delicate intricacies of a nuanced and gripping narrative, however it concerns us that the movie itself will end up being simply what it so far appears to be, i.e. ‘’Justice League Assemble’’. Don’t get us wrong, the invasion of Planet Earth by a highly advanced and even more hostile alien military force is, once could argue, quite story enough to fuel a highly entertaining Superhero romp. However, in a world where we have already seen The Avengers stave off two otherworldly forces, we hope that DC has something a little more satisfying and unpredictable under its sleeve.

3 The Ad Campaign’s Use of Music Has Been Awful!

JL Music

Admittedly the film itself may turn out to have nothing in common with the various pieces of music that has been used to promote it, and dear lord let’s hope so, as it has been consistently dreadful and more often than not simply out of place. Having the portentous and overblown U2 version of the late, great David Bowie’s Hero’s playing over the film’s final full length trailer is an almost unbelievably, ludicrously terrible decision that manages to single handedly remove any feeling of exhilaration or drama from the promo.
With Joss Whedon coming in to handle reshoots and finish up the film following director Zack Snyder’s unfortunate departure, we had held out hopes that the rock based music that had characterized the ad campaign thus far would be eschewed in favor of something more in line with a traditional Superhero score. It has been confirmed for some time that legendary composer Danny Elfman, who wrote the classic Tim Burton Batman theme, has been involved in creating a new score for the movie. It is a real shame that we have not been given a taste of this music in the ads, which have instead been accompanied by overblown and jarring rock covers.

4 We Are Supposed To Believe The Entire World Is Now Mourning The Superman?

World Mourns Supes

BvS went out of its way to present us with a version of Superman that we could understand the average Joe/Joline being straight up afraid of, and so the latest trailers assertion that ‘’the world remains in morning’’ following Kal-el’s demise is a little hard to swallow. BvS was of course careful to show that Superman’s presence divided the world, with some voices hailing him as a hero and even a planetary savior; however we cannot help but feel that it feels somewhat off that humanity has suddenly united in reverence for a being that was until the very point of his death presented as hugely divisive.
Even if we were to take Superman’s ‘’sacrifice’’ at the hands of Doomsday as the reason for his Christ like post death reputation and legacy, even this doesn’t really make sense, as there is nothing to suggest that the world at large would learn the full truth behind the battle that ended in Kal–el’s demise.
The trailer’s for Justice League want us to accept that the population of Earth has more or less collectively come to accept and embrace The Superman in his brief absence, this being something that is somewhat difficult to do after having just been presented with a reality in which Batman thinks the best course of action is to murder him. If Batman himself thought until very recently that Supes was a dangerous alien that needed to be exterminated, surely it follows that there would still be large sections of society that would also hold this point of view and celebrate his demise? It would be a shame if the contentious nature of Kal-el’s presence were to be overlooked completely in Justice League, as it is our opinion that this factor could make his presumed heroic return all the more poignant and powerful if addressed.

5 What Is With All The Red??

JL Red Sky

We at AlwaysAround are all for highly stylized visuals in movies, especially ones as necessarily epic and heightened as Justice League ought to be, however we are really, really not liking the red sky effect being showcased in the trailers. If you have seen any of the trailers you know exactly what we are talking about; it’s where we see the League in battle with what appears to be an invasion force of Para-Demons.
Quite apart from the fact that the effect looks, well, fake, the sequence in question appears to have been filmed in an abandoned housing estate somewhere in the North of England. If this is the ‘’big battle’’ that audiences have come to expect from large Superhero outings, we fear that it may end up seeming rather squalid in comparison with previous epic movies finale’s, like The Avengers showdown with the Chitauri in central New York.

With all of this said we are of course still hugely looking forward to Justice League and hope that our concerns will come to nothing and that The League hit it out of the park in cinemas this November.

What are your thoughts? Comment below and let us know!

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