5 Things We DONT Want To See In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice!

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There is not a movie in sight right now that excites us at AlwaysAround even half as much as 2016’s blockbuster behemoth in waiting Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, but this doesn’t mean that we don’t have some concerns about the possible directions the movie might take. With that firmly in mind, here are the top 5 things we at AlwaysAround DONT want to see in Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice.

1 An Asshole Superman That Blindly Follows Government Orders.

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We all love The dark Knight Returns, but even hardcore fans of the classic Graphic Novel hoping for Dawn Of Justice to take all it’s major cues from the seminal work must face the facts that not only is it a non cannon story that essentially takes place in another universe entirely separate from that of the established DC Comics continuity, but more importantly it’s a Batman centric story down to the bone, and so it follows that it’s treatment of Superman must be understood in light of the fact that in this story he is quite simply not the star of the show. Dawn of Justice has both Superman & batman in it’s title, and so for it’s treatment of Supes to mirror his treatment in TDKR would be a terrible and entirely silly mistake, not least as it portrays Superman as little more than a Government stooge willing to throw his tremendous powers behind every order of his commander in chief. We want to see the true Superman in Dawn Of Justice, the Superman who stands for all those in peril across the globe and not just against those his political masters deem dangerous.

What is ultimately interesting about the dichtonomy between Superman & batman is not that one stands for Justice and the other does not, but rather that they have crucial differences in their methods & attitude in attempting to achieve the same ultimate goal, namely to both protect mankind and serve as an inspiration to those who are fearful of criminals and anti social violence.

2 A ‘Perfect’ Batman

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Please do not get us wrong here, we LOVE Batman and absolutely hope to see the most ass kicking incarnation of the character yet in Dawn Of Justice, however we also must at least to some extent disagree with the hardcore Batman fanboys that have long argued that this(lest we forget)mortal & entirely human character could take on all of the characters in the DC Universe(and The Marvel universe for that matter)without so much as breaking a sweat due to his machievellian genius for strategy and planning. Sure, Batman is a freaking genius at strategy and tactics and all that kal, and we absolutely want to see this reflected in Affleck’s take on the character, but this does not make the character infallible or invulnerable to defeat, especially from Kryptonians with Godlike powers.

Again, it cannot be denied that batman is traditionally recognised to possess a genius level intellect and near inhuman flair for planning and strategy etc, however we feel that it must also be acknowledged that Superman’s powers are not merely physical, his mental capacities allowing him to amongst other things process huge amounts of complex information easily and faster than any known computer.

3 Wonder Woman As Merely Eye candy

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Put simply, Wonder Woman needs to kick all kinds of ass in DOJ if DC want to show Marvel how a female Superhero ought to be done and potentially overshadow the non Super powered but highly skilled likes of Black Widow in the popularity stakes. Essentially the last thing we want to see from Wonder Woman is anything close to her merely being used as eye candy while the boys get down to the heroics and fighting etc. Right from the get go we hope & expect to see an empowered Wonder Woman who holds her own in the ass kicking stakes with her male(future)team mates. It has been a long wait for Wonder Woman fans too see their idol on the silver screen & we demand that she be far more than a pretty face.

4 Too Much Action

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Too much action is a problem, you ask?? Well, yes, it can be. When the action comes around in Dawn Of Justice we want it to feel dramatically earned as opposed to forced or unnecessary, and we at AlwaysAround would happily wait an hour or so for a major action sequence that truly satisfies over an instant action fix that merely overwhelmes the senses in a Michael Bay esque rampage of meaningless violence and fury. While we certainly want the film to contain spectacular, indeed hopefully ground breaking action sequences, we are more concerned that the relationships between the characters ring true and that the story that unfolds is a gripping one.

5 Too Many Heroes

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Much as we are hugely excited for the forthcoming Justice League movies, we would rather that DC and Warner Bros take their time in assembling the greatest crime fighting Team ever, primarily as a film called Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice should really do justice to the whole Batman b Superman issue in full, and introducing a whole raft of superheroes into the mix while the big guns fight it out for superiority seems like it could easily get messy. We expect to see a fair bit of Wonder Woman in the film and perhaps a brief cameo for Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, but beyond that we will be happy with the odd Easter Egg until future films come along.

What Do You Not Want To See In Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice? Whatever Your Thoughts Please Let Us Know by Commenting below!

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