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With the relative disappointment of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, we really couldn’t blame anyone for losing a little faith in the Andrew Garfield/Marc Webb take on the iconic Superhero Franchise. However we believe that there are a few things that can & should be done to generate some genuine excitement for the threequel in this brave new cinematic world where the likes of Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice & Star Wars Episode 7 are a joy inducing reality. Here are our top 5 ways to make The Amazing Spider-Man 3 rock.

1 A More Mature Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

1 Hammond

We would love to see a cinematic treatment of Spidey that is far closer to the classic Television version of Spider-Man(played with great verve by Nicholas Hammond)who was clearly a fully grown adult man & not a conflicted love torn teenager. We really wan’t to see a Spider-Man that has had the time to fully embrace his destiny & responsibilities,emerging more dedicated than ever to combating those who would prey upon the innocent. . Aside from anything else Andrew Garfield will be 31 this August, so they really cant plausibly have him still playing a teenager in the next film, which brings us nicely to number 2…

2 A Significant Time Gap From Last Film.

1 Spidey Clock

A sizeable time gap between the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 would allow for many things, but most importantly it would hopefully deliver a far more grown up & world weary Peter Parker that has truly risen from essentially being a kid in a Spider-Man costume to a stoic and heroic legend. A significant gap between the events of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 & 3 would also give young Harry Osborn all the time he needs to assemble the 1st cinematic incarnation of The Sinister Six. Speaking of which…

3 The Sinister Six.

1 Sinister

If introduced correctly this infamous super-villain team up could(& really should)be a truly awesome spectacle. With a line up that(from what is teased in The Amazing Spider-Man 2)looks to include The Vulture, Mysterio, The Green Goblin, Kraven , The Rhino & Doctor Octopus, we at AlwaysAround are hoping for some Avengers style banter between the Villians, which, given the nature of their characters, should prove to be a little more deadly than the aforementioned Super Team’s.

4 A Super Hot M.J.

1 MJ

Sure, everyone likes a bit of eye candy here & there in their Blockbusters, but in the case of Mary Jane Watson it is quite frankly important to the history of her character within the Spider-Man Universe that she be scorchingly, irresponsibly hot. Over the years many talented artists have contributed to make Mary Jane the stuff of pure fanboy fantasy, and we at AlwaysAround must admit to wanting to see the lovely lady brought to life in sizzling style.

5 Carnage.


The vast bulk of Spider-Man’s nemesis over the years are tragic figures driven to terrible acts by a cruel twist of fate, which is why we’d like to see a completely irredeemable, hateful villain worthy of our boos and hisses in The Amazing Spider-Man 3, and Cletus Kasady/Carnage fits the bill rather nicely. The following exert from the characters Wikipedia page sums up all you need to know about Spider-Man’s darkest foe:

“a psychopath and a homicidal sadist. Kasady is a deeply disturbed individual with a dark past: as a child, he killed his grandmother by pushing her down a flight of stairs, tried to murder his mother by tossing a television into her bathtub, and tortured and killed his mother’s dog. After the latter, his mother then tried to kill Cletus, and was apparently beaten to the brink of death by Kasady’s father, who received no defense from Kasady during his trial. As an orphan, Kasady was sent to the St. Estes Home for Boys, where his antisocial behavior made him the target of abuse from both the other orphans and the staff. Kasady gained revenge by murdering the disciplinarian administrator, pushing a girl (who laughed at him for asking her to date him) in front of a moving bus, and burning down the orphanage. It was during his brutal years at St. Estes that Kasady acquired his philosophy that life was essentially meaningless and futile, that “laws are only words”,[9] and came to see the spreading of chaos through random, unpatterned bloodshed as “the ultimate freedom.”

We told you the fella was irredeemable! While the filmmakers would undoubtedly need to tone down the level of violence displayed by his character in the comic books should they wish to retain the same certificate as The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2(and they will), we at AlwaysAround feel that Carnage is the closest Peter Parker/ Spider-Man has to The Joker in his rouges gallery, in that he is a vision of pure nihilism & anarchy that provides the perfect counterpoint to Peter Parker/Spider-Man’s inherent goodness.

What Would You Like To See In The Amazing Spider-Man 3? Do You Agree With Our List, What Would You Do Differently? Whatever Your Thoughts Please Let Us Know By Commenting Below!

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