5 Ways To Make The New Fantastic 4 Movie Rock!

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With a new take on The Fantastic 4 currently in production, we at AlwaysAround Towers have been discussing what we would like to see in the new movie. One of the things that we have to admit disliking about the new production is the(in our opinion)overly youthful age of most of the actors playing the lead characters, in particular Dr Reed Richards, a character that is typically portrayed as being in the early stages of middle age with prominent grey streaks in his hair, who is being played by the 27 year old actor Miles Teller. But given that the cast, youthful or otherwise, is in place now, here are our top 5 ways to make the forthcoming movie rock.

1 A Serous(But Not Sombre)Tone.

1 Serios

No one wants their superhero movie to come across like a funeral, but I think we can all agree that the previous Fantastic 4 franchise suffered greatly from a goofy, overtly comedic tone that is frankly unsuitable for Marvel’s most scientific Super-Group. While we believe the likes of Johnny Storm/The Human Torch should absolutely retain his trademark playful & often humorous characteristics in the new movie, we just hope that such moments are used as brief comic relief in an otherwise straight faced adventure, and not just another joke in a film filled with bad ones.

2 Lots Of Doom.

1 DrDoom

Say what you will about the highly formidable likes of Thanos, Ronan The Accuser, Apocalypse & Galactus, for our money Dr Doom is quite simply the greatest, and certainly most compelling villain in the Marvel Universe.A master of dark magic that rules over his own Country, he positively makes The Joker seem like an innocent, if admittedly wayward, choir boy by comparison. We just hope that the new incarnation of Victor Von Doom does the great villain justice by displaying his unparalleled scientific genius & ice cold cunning.

3 Sparse(But Breathtaking)Action.

1 Johnny

One movie that proved that visual effects can be used in a sublime manner that actually enhances the emotional experience of a movie rather than taking away from it is Gravity, which succeeded in being breathtaking without resorting to cliched action sequences or over the top events. On the other side of the coin the likes of the Transformers franchise has given cinema-goers a masterclass in how to make huge action movies boring as fuck by overloading them with CGI bells and whistles while not exploring any characters sufficiently deeply enough to cause audiences to invest any interest in their survival and story in the first place. So the last thing we at AlwaysAround want from the new Fantastic 4 flick is an action overload, but rather an engaging family drama with occasional moments of breathtaking wonder & spectacle.

4 Raise The Stakes.

1 the end

We want to see the super-team take on genuinely terrifying threats that we as an audience could destroy them & the entire planet along with them. Granted, in the recent, largely disastrous, Fantastic 4 movies, the gang we’re tasked with defending the Earth against The Silver Surfer & the planet devouring Galactus, but somehow the stakes never truly felt high, and so we feel it is more a question of tone than it is black and white facts, and what we really want to see is a villain presented in such a way as to be actually intimidating within a reality where we truly believe our heroes and those that they defend may be in mortal danger.

5 Galactus.

1 Big G

Speaking of intimidating villains, we feel that the big fella deserves another big screen treatment, for while The Fantastic 4: Rise of The Silver Surfer technically included Galactus, it wouldn’t take a comic book fanatic to notice that the incarnation of the character was anything but true to the comics, where Galactus exists as a huge, towering colossus & not a fucking cloud. So please, give us a Galactus that is ripped straight from the pages of our favorite comic books, and not the cop out we were given in 2007.

What Would You Like To See In The Forthcoming Fantastic Four Reboot? Do You Agree With Our List Of 5 Ways To Make The Movie Rock? Whatever Your Thoughts Please Let Us Know By Commenting Below!

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