AA Favourite Movie Review – Chronicle: What would super-powered lads really do?

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An AlwaysAround.net video review of “Chronicle” – a gritty super powers movie that breaks out of the old routine, and refreshes the genre with some unexpected twists. If you’re feeling jaded by the predictability of some comic-book franchises, then this pulls-no-punches movie is just the ticket to get you excited about supers again!


Chronicle answers the question “What would teenage lads who suddenly got super-powers really do?” It’s a movie that manages to be intelligent without dragging, and strikes the perfect balance between a roller-coaster plot, super-powered action and believable characters. Fair warning, this isn’t a movie for kids – it gets dark!


Find out about the rumours of a sequel, and which Alan Moore work we reckon this movie was influenced by… And look out for the cut scenes we filmed for this review. It’s been 3 years in the making, because I had to track down a Tibetan Master of Ancient Secrets and learn how to levitate stuff and fly. We hope you appreciate all that effort! XD

To watch the trailer for Chronicle: click here.

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