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Allow me to introduce you to five of the hardest working men in showbusiness. They’re chock full of great hooks and smart lyrics, delivered with vocal harmonies in minor keys. If the Beach Boys had got together in a rainy town of two rivers in the South of England, they’d’ve sounded like this.

There’s a real urgency to Pete and the Pirates work-rate – they’re constantly writing new songs and playing high-octane gigs and filming cool-as-fuck videos. Their creative drive shines through in the freshness of their songs, which often cheerfully plunder musical gems from all over the place, before cutting them into something new and vibrant and unmistakeably Pete and the Pirates-y.

“Blood Gets Thin” is a single from their new album “One Thousand Pictures” (on Stolen Records): the punchy bass riff underpins snarling guitars, which contrasts perfectly with the beautiful, delicate middle-8 breakdown – before it jumps back up to the final crescendo. Just like the shock of the blood flowing freely in the all white room.

Pete and the Pirates aren’t afraid to tell a story, or raise a laugh, or screw with your head with the visuals they bring to life. Their music videos remind me of some of the classics from back in the day, like Adam Ant’s “Prince Charming”, Madness “House of Fun” and Queen’s “I Want to Break Free”. There’s even a bit of a Flaming Lips vibe – what with the giant bunny in the video of “Jennifer”, a zippy-riffed, existential singalong.

“Jennifer”, was released as AA side single with “Blood Gets Thin” on the flipside:

You might already know the catchy melody of “Mr. Understanding” (from their first album “Little Death” also on Stolen Recordings) it’s probably their most famous track to date, having been featured on various TV shows and films, including the BBC TV show – The Inbetweeners.

Fun fact – part of this video for “Mr Understanding” was shot in Pete’s bathroom!

Just to give you an idea of the breadth of their range, here’s a gorgeous piece of sombre melancholia from that same album – “Humming”

Take more Pirates on board at www.peteandthepirates.co.uk

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  • Dr Jazzhands

    Had heard the name ‘Pete & The Pirates’ but didn’t know the music till now. It’s good stuff, nice videos 2!

  • alonzo mosely

    I remember attending a fantastically intimate open mic night hosted by one of the Petes in England. Can’t remember the name of his co-host (!) whizz forward a few years and I’m in Brussels watching the Pirates rock out after having them recommended to me by a Frenchman. Great band, proper grafters and worthy of all their success!