AA Game Review and Play-Through of Tankionline : Arena MMO

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AlwaysAround.net game review and play-through, by Preacher John of http://Tankionline.com : a surprisingly good free-to-play game. It’s a tank based arena MMO shooter, with decent gameplay, that runs on Flash in the Browser. No, really, I found the magic unicorn!

Strap into your tank, fire up the engine and let rip with shells, tracer rounds, a flame thrower or a railgun as you race around the arena vs. a bunch of other mentalists! Get some serious air when you fall off stuff or get blown, quite literally, sky-high!


In the Garage, you can spend the diamonds you earn through gameplay (or buy with real money if you insist) on new guns and tank bodies with different stats, such as the “Twins” – which are the “pew-pew” tracer round guns I use in the video, or the “Wasp” – which is the very fast lightly armoured tank body I don’t use, because: much dying!


Play through in the video is on a Samsung NC10 netbook (2GB RAM) OS: Linux (Kubuntu – supported distro), Browser: Firefox.

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