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“Thale” (Tail), is a Norwegian Indie Horror movie by Aleksander Nordaas (who filmed the entire thing on a budget of just $10,000).


I finally got around to reviewing this, having previewed it here on AA a couple of years back … sit back and enjoy as I attempt to pronounce Norwegian names, and have to act out a cut-scene as two guys at once… Also, Star Trek and Kevin Smith references, and the Atacama desert sneaks in as a simile! :p


Leo runs the “No Shit” crime-scene cleaning business and his mate Elvis is ‘helping’ him out (i.e. he’s puking while Leo cleans). When they go to clean up a dead guy found near an isolated cabin, they stumble across a long abandoned cellar, packed with weird, sinister stuff and old audio tapes … bizarrely they discover what seems to be a strange naked woman down there …


Based on a modernisation of the Norwegian legend of the Huldra (troll woman) – “Thale” straddles the three genres of horror, fantasy and thriller…


Thale Trailer:

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