Album Review: The August List – “O Hinterland”

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Kerraleigh and Martin Child are the August List; after many storming live shows and a few excellent EPs they’ve put together a full length album – “O Hinterland” – which carries you away on a deep, dark river of country-blues. Sometimes sweeping, sometimes stomping, sometimes melancholy drifting…

This is a perfectly formed album, haunted by soulful vocals and animated by crisp guitars. Immediately catchy and yet always with a dark, melancholy vibe running through it. A truly beautiful album that bears up on repeated play and never seems to get old.


When you listen to music like this it’s hard to review it without getting mired in cliches or bogged down in describing the parts of the whole. So, in the end I decided to ride my autovisualisation trait and just do some free associating. Hang on to your unmentionables, here we go, track by track:

1 – Wooden Trunk Blues – sways and swoops and stomps, out of the past into a new beginning.
2 – Snake In the Eagle’s Shadow – crashes into your party with a rogue’s grin and steals all the booze and your lover too.
3 – Cut Yr Teeth – can’t help but dance all alone in a crowded room. Dem drums! So good!

4 – Ticking of the Clock – joins Nick Cave at genteel banquet where Death carves for all comers. There is a chess board on the table, and all the squares and pieces are black.
5 – High Town Crow – stands in a black tattered robe in the wind, high up in the graveyard on the hill, tapping its toes and humming in harmony to itself, watching you from afar and suddenly leaping and dancing on the old headstones. There’s a whole Tim Burton movie wrapped inside this song (one of the old, good ones).
6 – Radiator Song – a little shiver up the spine.
7 – Long Division – a real Tom Waits tempo, rattles along the road to a tumble-down gospel church.
8 – Red Light on The Tower – that cry of long lost love.
9 – All to Break – flashing eyes of lust, dancing just out of reach.
10 – Forty-Rod Of Lightin’ – the prodigal’s homecoming; a great big call-and-response epic with voice and guitar and harmonica twining in and out and around each other.
11 – Cabin Fever – when you know someone’s bad for you, but can’t stay away all the same.

Strongly recommended. 5 by 5. :)

You can download copies on itunes, amazon and bandcamp . Stream it on spotify. Or get physical copies from Truck Store online or in store.

High Town Crow:

All to Break:

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