Ultra Frontier Explorer: Asteroid Danger – Planetary Defence for Earth #Asteroidday

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Welcome to Episode 3 of Ultra Frontier Explorer – “Asteroid Danger: Defending Planet Earth” which is all about why the first ever annual #AsteroidDay (30th June 2015) matters:

We cover the dangers from asteroids (or comets) hitting the Earth, from “planet killers” like the Chicxulub impact that wiped out the dinosaurs; through the 1908 Tunguska event which smashed an entire Siberian forest as big as a modern megacity; to the 2013 Chelyabinsk asteroid airburst explosion that shattered every window in the city and wounded 1,500 people. Complete with: photos of the destroyed forest,


Plus a dramatic reading of eye-witness Tunguska testimony, and epic footage from the Chelyabinsk incident.


Don’t panic though! Humanity is smarter than the dinosaurs! So we look at the various efforts being made all over the world to find the million or so Tunguska-sized “city killers” in Near Earth space, and talk about how you can get involved to help.

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