Carrington Class Solar Storm Could Wreck Electric Technology & Power Grids all over Earth! (UFEx Ep.7)

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Welcome to Ep.7 of Ultra Frontier Explorer with Dr Jon Overton – in this episode we’ll be looking at space weather: We’ll find out how the most extreme solar storms could wreck electrical technology on Earth, setting civilization back decades..

Get the low-down on the near miss in 2012 that could have caused $2Trillion worth of damage! And check out mind-blowing footage of explosions on the surface of the Sun itself!

Also, we’ll learn about new research that suggests it will be harder than scientists previously thought to predict whether or not any one particular solar storm will strike the Earth..

Coincidentally, just a couple of days ago, while this video was being rendered, an X9.3 solar flare went off that blacked out satellite GPS and HF radio on Earth for an hour! That’s a big flare, but not on a par with the flares that preceded the ‘Carrington Event‘..

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