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Once again the most extraordinary Vienna Ditto have put out delicious musical awesomeness for all your ears.

“Ticks” is a seven track EP that slinks, sneaks, stomps and stumblestkates down the empty corridors of your fevered dreams. The eponymous opening track is naturally a fearless asskicker, and beyond that particular stand-outs are: the gorgeous, shivers-down-your-spine vibes of “Tiny Tambourines” and “Motherless Child” – which sounds like a cathedral built out of tears.
The punk gospel of “Go Down Moses” is also all kinds of excellent, before “Come Back” sweeps down and carries you off down the rails into the darkness.

Now, some team-ups just work perfectly together, like: bangers and mash, chilli and lime, pandas and skateboards..
Vienna Ditto have re-ignited their audio-visual partnership with director Bobby Bloomfield – which is great news for all connoisseurs of mind-bending music videos.

If you watched some of the videos from Vienna Ditto’s album “Circle” (read our review here), you’ll know Bobby matches the Ditto’s fearless eclecticism frame-for-howling-chord.
(If you missed those earlier you can scroll down to the bottom of the page to check a couple of them out!)

The video for “Ticks” delivers many smiles per mile, and without spoiling any surprises, delivers both cute and creepy in another surreal 3 and a half minute classic. Enjoy!

You can get hold of the “Ticks” EP here: on Vienna Ditto’s bandcamp and their main site is here: http://www.viennaditto.com/

And here’s two of the videos directed by Bobby Bloomfield for the album “Circle”:
“Josephine” – which is a stark and noir-ish short film, with a washed-out colour pallete,
“Feeling Good” – a kids-TV-from-Hell nightmare!

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