Is It Only A Matter Of Time Until We Get A Marvel/DC Crossover Movie?

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Not so many years ago most people would have told you that a Superhero Team up movie starring multiple A-List heroes would most likely never happen, and that even if it did it would almost certainly be a cluttered mess. Then came The Avengers, and next year we have it’s hotly anticipated sequel, ‘The Avengers: Age Of Ultron’, before ‘Batman V Superman : Dawn Of Justice’ is unleashed in 2016. Super hero movies, especially super hero team up movies, have never been bigger. It makes us wonder whether we’ll ever see a proper, full blown DC/ Marvel comic book movie? Many people will tell you that such a thing will never, ever happen due to the adversarial nature of the big studios(Marvel Studios & Warner Bros), however we at AlwaysAround remain quietly faithful that increasing audience demand for truly new cinematic experiences will push the big studios to make a mutually lucrative deal to collaborate on a historically significant(& surely hugely profitable)crossover.

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I mean, who wouldn’t like to see The Hulk take on Superman in live action? or Tony Stark Vs Bruce Wayne in a ‘Billionaires with exceptional skills’face off? Indeed, the rich history of crossover tales in different mediums involving characters from both the DC & Marvel Comic Book Universe shows that there is both the demand to see these stories told, and a willingness on behalf of the Companies to provide such stories to the fans.

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One big reason that many Comic Book Movie fans do not want to see a crossover is the argument that there would simply be too many characters with too many great powers for a coherent movie to be made that does justice(no pun intended)to all of the major players. While this reasoning is quite persuasive, we at AlwaysAround still feel that a crossover movie in the vein of Justice League V The Avengers could be truly fantastic & potentially redefine the box office limits of the comic book event movie, just as long as there is a fantastically talented & visionary director at the helm. Another entirely understandable reason that many don’t think a crossover movie would work is the lasting impact that the DC & Marvel characters would surely have on each other, and then in turn their respective Universes, making future solo Superhero film’s left having to continue dealing with a world where characters from each universe now co-exist. While this is absolutely a concern, we feel that any number of reasons(parallel universes come to mind) could be invented to allow Marvel & DC’s respective characters to come together for one big adventure/face off before then retreating back to their own separate universes by the close of the movie.

So will a DC/Marvel crossover movie actually happen? We believe in one form or another it most certainly will. Will it happen in the next decade? Sadly, probably not, but we can dream, reminding ourselves that the truth is stranger than fiction with crossover hopes still alive in our hearts.

Check out this informative & entertaining video on DC/Marvel comic book crossovers by our friends at Channel Badguy!

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