NASA’s Osiris-Rex Launch Video! (UFEx ep.6) Sample Return Mission to Asteroid Bennu: Goals!

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Welcome to Episode 6 of Ultra Frontier Explorer with Dr Jon Overton: this episode we’re covering NASA’s awesome Osiris-Rex mission to the potentially hazardous Near-Earth Asteroid Bennu.

We start off with epic footage of the Osiris-Rex launch on top of an Atlas 5 Rocket with a Centaur cryogenic 2nd stage – sending Osiris-Rex coasting onward at terrific speed out of Earth orbit.


Find out why this Sample Return Mission to the 500m diameter Asteroid Bennu is so exciting: how Osiris-Rex will bring back asteroid material safely back to Earth, and how it might tell us more about Earth’s past -including the seeding of life’s chemical ingredients on Earth!

Also, learn what the “Yarkovsky Effect” is and why it matters, and find out how the Osiris-Rex mission will gather data that can help protect us from danger of catastrophic collision with Bennu and other Potentially Hazardous Near Earth Asteroids in the future..

This episode is a real rocket ride; chock full of footage, information, animation and music!

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