The “Brexitland” Plan: #BetterThanBrexit for Everyone in Britain!

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Click here for the PETITION to UK Government – Sign and Share!

We’re bombarded with a constant stream of news stories about #Brexit, but something obvious is missing – where’s the plan for everyone in Britain?
Half the voters in the UK want to #Leave the EU and the other half want to #Remain! How to square the circle, for a truly democratic plan?

Luckily there is a very British solution: The “Brexitland” Plan is the #BetterThanBrexit, Win-Win, In AND Out Practical Plan for both Leavers AND Remainers!
Explained in this video in just 2m36s:

And here’s the PETITION to UK Government for you to Sign and Share!

The Plan is simple, we Partition 7 new British Crown Dependencies OUT of the UK and out of the EU so that Leavers can Leave the EU.
And we keep the left-over UK as a full EU member state so that Remainers can Remain in the EU.
We NEVER activate the #Article50 trap! And NO hard borders inside Britain, either!

There are already three existing politically independent, economically successful British Crown Dependencies (BCDs) that are part of Britain but outside the Uk and outside the EU – they are the Isle of Man, Jersey & Guernsey.

This kind of change has happened before, in the 1980s – When Greenland became autonomous from Denmark it also left the EU, but Denmark stayed in the EU as a full member state. Even better: Greenlanders are still Danish citizens and they are still EU citizens, they just live OUTSIDE the EU. The same thing applies to British Citizens living in Crown Dependencies like the Isle of Man.

Let’s look at how the British Crown Dependency of the Isle of Man already has the features that many Leavers want:
1 – It’s in Britain, but it’s outside the Uk & outside the EU
2 – It’s inside the customs union so it gets tariff-free movement of goods (but not services, and no free movement of workers either)
3 – It’s part of the the Common Travel Area with the UK and Ireland, there’s NO hard border so it’s easy for British Citizens to travel,
4 – but they control immigration and protect jobs for local people with a Work Permit scheme
5 – The Isle of Man has it’s own Parliament, which is free to agree trade deals with other countries
6 – It has a reciprocal give-and-take NHS deal with the UK, so Manx people and UK people get free NHS treatment where-ever they fall ill.

– Partitioning out Seven new British Crown Dependencies is a purely British democratic solution, and it will be an internal British change under the rule of the British Crown, it will be faster, simpler and surer than any possible “Brexit” through the Article 50 Trap.
– All British Citizens will keep their full status as EU Citizens, plus they will have the choice to live outside EU in the British Crown Dependencies!

Truly a Win-Win In AND Out plan, for both Leavers and Remainers!
Please sign and share the PETITION to UK Government, and write to your MP asking them to support the plan. (There’s more info on the #BetterThanBrexit Facebook page )

So now we’ve covered the general idea, let’s get specific and look at what the plan offers both Leave and Remain. First: Here’s 12 Reasons Why the “Brexitland” Plan is #BetterThanBrexit for Leavers!

Too rushed for the 2m50s video? Here’s the infographic!

12 Reasons Why the “Brexitland” Plan is #BetterThanBrexit for Leavers!
1 – Outside UK & EU, still 100% British, under the British Crown.
2 – Tariff-free trade in goods with UK & EU. Includes share of £134Billion sales to EU each year.
3 – Own Parliament. Not dominated by London anymore.
4 – Can do trade deals with countries outside EU.
5 – No hard borders for British & Irish Citizens.
6 – Work Permit Scheme to protect jobs for local people.
7 – Give-and-take (reciprocal) NHS deal with the UK.
8 – Under Defence “umbrella” of the British Crown.
9 – An economy that works. No Article 50 trap!
10 – A clear goal: based on existing healthy democracy and economy of the Isle of Man.
11 – Quicker: Internal Change under British Crown.
12 – Still have British (and EU) Citizenship.

And on the flipside: Here are 10 Reasons Why the “Brexitland” Plan is #BetterThanBrexit for Remainers!

Again, if you can’t spare 2m50s for the video, here’s the infographic:
10 Reasons Why the “Brexitland” Plan is #BetterThanBrexit for Remainers!
1 – Remainder of UK stays a full EU member state.
2 – All British Citizens keep EU Citizenship.
3 – UK keeps democratic representation in EU (Citizen’s Initiative, MEPs & seat on EU Council).
4 – UK keeps “Services Passporting” worth £89Billion per year. Plus a share in the £134Billion tariff-free sales of goods to EU each year.
5 – UK stays part of EU-wide Science / R&D
6 – No hard borders: the Common Travel Area between all of Britain (including new Crown Dependencies), N.I. & Eire stays intact.
7 – Reciprocal NHS deal between UK and new British Crown Dependencies.
8 – Certainty: both UK and BCDs have a clear goal.
9 – Lasting democratic settlement for Britain & EU
10 – Stabilises EU: peaceful European cooperation.

Please sign and share the PETITION to UK Government, and write to your MP asking them to support the plan, thank you! :)

#BetterThanBrexit Facebook page
#BetterThanBrexit Twitter: @BritsBrexitland

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