The Strokes: Why The World Needs A New Album From New York’s Finest!

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The Strokes may have been going(on & off)for over 13 years now, but compared to classic Rock acts like The Rolling Stones & The Who they are still positively in the first blush of musical youth. While lesser contemporaries have called it a day The Strokes remain a potent live force(for evidence of this check out the video of them performing just the other day at The Governors Ball In New York City)& their last Studio Album, 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine’, proved that they can still write classic indie pop with hooks like an evil Pirate Captain. It is now up to The Strokes to prove their lasting Rock N Roll mettle by putting out another truly great record in the next year.

In the past few years Casablancas & Co have been able to scratch any solo itches they may have to their logical limits, with Julian’s work in particular being decidedly ‘un-Strokesy’, and so we would imagine that getting back into some good old fashioned Strokes songs would be appealing for most if not all of the band(and that’s not to even mention the money a new album would make them).
In our oh so humble opinion the band should pull an ‘In Utero’ for their next album, which is to say they should get super tight on some new material before absconding to the middle of nowhere to hammer out a new LP in a couple of weeks as a small unit without any distractions or unnecessary hangers on. However they choose to record the next album we just hope that they retain some of the petulant fire that characterised both ‘Is This It’ & ‘Room On Fire’ without losing the experimental edge that ran through both ‘Angles’ & ‘Comedown Machine’.

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