UFEx (Ep.5) – 10 Awesome Things about Pluto & Charon! (Pt.2 of “New Horizons: Journey to Pluto” – NEW Photos)

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Welcome to Episode 5 of Ultra Frontier Explorer, presented by Dr. Jon Overton.
To celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of NASA’s New Horizons’ blast off we have Part 2* of our coverage of this awesome mission to Flyby Pluto & Charon!

We only saw a few photos on the day of Flyby itself (July 14th, 2015), because New Horizons had to point its radio antenna away from Earth to focus all its attentions on Pluto & Charon.
Now it’s six months since the Flyby, and New Horizons has spent almost all that time beaming data back to us here on Earth from almost 5 billion km away! So, now we have a massive amount of photos, footage and data that New Horizons obtained as it shot past Pluto & Charon at over 49,000km/hr!


All kinds of mysteries are explained in this UFEx episode, including:
1) What is the Kuiper Belt, and where is it?
2) Why does New Horizons have to wear a bullet-proof jacket? What are the dangers out there?
3) How is New Horizons powered, in the gloomy twilight so far away from the Sun?
4) What is Pluto’s “heart” made of?
5) What are Pluto’s mountains made of? And how high are they?
6) Is Pluto a living, geologically active world? or a “dead” one?
7) What colour is Pluto’s sky? And why?
8) What’s all the red stuff on Pluto? And how might it be connected to the origin of life?
9) Why does Charon have a “red hat”?
10) Which world will New Horizon’s visit next? And when will it get there?

In this Ep.5 of UFEx, Dr. Jon O answers all these questions and more!

So make yourself a cuppa, sit back and discover how much more we now know about the mysterious worlds of Pluto & Charon than we did before flyby. Get up close and personal with these two “Dancers in the Dark”, with some of the very best, freshly released photos & awesome footage that Dr. Jon has pulled all together in this UFEx episode.

(*For UFEx Episode 4, Part 1, covering New Horizon’s epic slingshot around Jupiter 9 years ago, click here: http://www.alwaysaround.net/ultra-frontier-explorer-nasas-new-horizons-journey-to-pluto-part-1-gravitational-slingshot-around-jupiter-volcanoes-on-io/)

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