Ultra Frontier Explorer: Interplanetary Travel – Rockets, Ion Engines & Solar Sails – Curiosity, Dawn & Lightsail!

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Welcome to Episode 2 of Ultra Frontier Explorer – a new series on AlwaysAround.net all about space exploration!

As promised, in this triple-length Episode 2* we cover Interplanetary Travel and the difference between Rockets, Ion engines and Solar Sails. Find out how spacecraft get from one world to another, what a Hohmann Transfer is, and what Specific Impulse means, and why these things are so important to space exploration! And how manned missions to Mars might get there in half the time of current missions!


Particularly looking at the exciting journeys of Curiosity / Mars Science Laboratory (including a rapid-fire trip through the famous Seven Minutes of Terror!), Dawn and IKAROS as examples.

We also cover ESA’s GOCE & SMART-1 spacecraft, JAXA’s Hyabusa asteroid sampler mission and the Planetary Society’s crowd-funded Lightsail project! (To support the ongoing Lightsail Project go to: http://www.planetary.org or find Lightsail on Kickstarter).


In this Episode 2 we have all kinds of video and animation courtesy of NASA/JPL, all presented by Dr Jon Overton, with usual enthusiasm and much waving of arms!

*Episode 2 Follows up on Episode 1 which covered; NASA’s Dawn mission to the planetoids Vesta and Ceres in the asteroid belt, the possible explanations for the bright spots on Ceres, and the possibility of life on Ceres – which you can still watch here: http://www.alwaysaround.net/ultra-frontier-explorer-1-nasa-spacecraft-dawn-dwarf-planet-ceres-what-are-the-mysterious-bright-spots-possibility-of-life-on-ceres/

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