Whack-A-Baddie with Monkey King!

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This is a fun little Flash game you can play for free here: http://www.agame.com/game/monkey-king

Depending on your point of view you will instantly recognise that it’s based on the characters from the legends of the ancient East… or this classic 80’s tv show.

This* Monkey King game is basically an arcade style whack-a-mole. It is Monkey’s job to protect the monk (called Sanzan – aka Tripitaka in the TV show) and his winning lottery ticket from the various comedy bad guys who desperately want it.

Basic game play is intuitive – just draw a line with the mouse and Monkey’s staff will follow the line – whacking the bad guys.


If you can fill the soul bottle hit the space bar for a Boom attack. The animation has a classic cartoon fluidity, fitting perfectly with the comedy action vibe.

The default settings on the game are pretty hard, but you can reset to Easy and it’s still challenging enough to be fun without being frustrating. There’s a cute little comic intro to the game itself (which you can skip) and each new sort of villain gets their own 5 second intro sequence in game, so that Monkey can mock them (you can set it to skip those too).

Great fun if you’re sat on a train, or waiting somewhere – just power up Monkey and get to whacking. As it were. :p

(*there’s more than one Monkey King game – watch this space for more.)

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