Why We Don’t Need Justice League 2 & 5 Solo DC Movies We Want To See ASAP!

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With Justice League failing pretty badly at the Box Office right now, many have speculated on what this could mean for a potential sequel to the troubled Superhero team up and for DC Comics movies in general.
While it has been achingly clear that DC/Warner Bros have been desperate to emulate the success of Marvel’s first, groundbreaking Superhero team up, The Avengers, since its release, we feel that it should not be forgotten that the studio had not long ago been making a billion plus at the box office from just one character(guess who?).

Both Marvel and DC have proven time and time again that stand alone comic book films can make shedloads at the box office, just look at hit titles such as The Dark Knight, Captain America: The Winter Soldier & Iron-Man. In our humble view, DC/Warner Bros would be smart to position their future comic book movies as individual character headlined outings that can focus principally on the lead character while retaining the option of including or excluding extended cameos from other DC Comics characters as the story/stories demand.

While the DC Cinematic Universe may soon be set from a reboot of major proportions following Justice League’s underperformance, here are the top 5 Solo DC movies we would love to see in this current incarnation and how we would approach them:

1 Man Of Steel 2

In an ideal world we perhaps should have gotten this, along with a solo Batman flick, before the green light was given for Batman V Superman, but we don’t need to tell you that the world is not ideal and so here we are.

At this stage, following the turgid events of Batman V Superman & Justice League, which have quite frankly diminished much of the potential glimpsed at in Cavill’s turn as Clark Kent/Superman/ Kal-El from Man Of Steel, we would like to see a Superman movie that shows the legendary character’s optimism and essential, enduring goodness. We want to see a take on the Last Son Of Krypton that truly explores his ongoing battle to be a beacon of hope to the people of the world while attempting to retain a human side and some semblance of an ordinary, day to day existence with Lois and his colleagues at The Daily Planet.

At this point, we have seen Supes fight a few Super Powered beings with ever diminishing returns, so more than anything we want a Superman movie with true heart and a real story to tell about the nature of absolute power and the pursuit of selflessness and virtue in a cruel universe. Also a few jokes.

2 The Batman

While it seems a near certainty that Ben Affleck will not be returning as The Caped Crusader, due to his natural charisma and screen presence alone, we at AlwaysAround would definitely like to see him continue for a few more movies.

Should Affleck desire it we feel he deserves the chance to atone for some of the disservices done to the character in both Batman V Superman and Justice League, where Batman was presented as apparently having a severe personality disorder that caused him to alternate between murderous, nihilistic rage and fatherly amiability between the two movies.

Batman fans like us do not want to see a Batman that is rampaging around killing people, however neither do we want to see one that is cracking jokes and assembling teams of super friends without a hint of reluctance. Put simply, we demand the gritty, street level super-detective we have all been waiting far too long to see in all his awesomeness.

We heartily approve of the choice of Mat Reeves as director, and hope to see him take The Bat on a solo adventure that is both emotionally raw and personal(maybe go back to the well of Jason Todd, the brutally murdered former Robin?)and yet also shows of the characters legendary sleuthing skills and strategising, which have been all but entirely absent in recent films.

3 Green Lantern

There has been much talk about the planned Green Lantern movie being centered around the Green Lantern Core, as opposed to the more traditional focus being on an individual Lantern, such as Hal Jordan or Guy Gardener.
While this is definitely a cool idea, we are guessing/assuming that the movie would still have a chief protagonist, presumably in the form of one of the more famous Green Lanterns of Earth, such as those mentioned above.

It cannot be denied that the light and comedic Ryan Reynolds movie of 2011 failed to hit the mark with audiences and critics in general, and therefore we would definitely opt at this stage to see a take on Green Lantern that is closer in tone and scope to the likes of the Nolan Batman trilogy and Man of Steel. We feel that it would be a mistake to take away all of the characters playfulness and humor however, as this is what has traditionally distinguished him from other DC Heroes, and so this is a project that would require a delicate balance.

4 Lobo

We live in a world where Deadpool has grossed nearly 800 million dollars at the international box office, and it is with this stark fact in mind that we declare the time to be ripe for DC’s sometime villain, sometime anti-hero space biker to rock the silver screen.

Admittedly, it is hard to imagine a more perfect casting that current Aquaman Jason Momoa in this role as the mercenary/bounty hunter, given the striking real life similarity(albeit toned down)to Lobo, however we are sure that there are many actors out there who could do the character justice physically and otherwise.

Anyone who knows this character knows that he is definitely not to be taken too seriously, and so we would ideally like to see someone in the mold of Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi behind the camera, being as he brought such lightness and fun to that movie.

5 Nightwing

Having an older Batman opens many opportunities within the unexplored Bat-verse, and none are more appealing to us at AlwaysAround that a big screen take on Batman’s most famous former sidekick, Dick Greyson, A.K.A. Nightwing.

We would love to see a movie that traces Nightwing’s reason for going it alone and follows his subsequent journey to step outside of his legendary mentor and friend Batman’s considerable shadow in his crime-fighting adventures.

As Nightwing shares the same geographical and thematic territory as Batman, we could in theory even be treated to a showdown between young Nightwing and one of DC’s most iconic evil doers, such as The Penguin, The Riddler or even Mr J himself?

Well, there are 5 solo DC character projects we would like to see made just as soon as possible. Maybe if Warner Bros gives the fans something along these lines we can all start to forget about Martha’s, Mother Boxes and missed opportunities for just a little while.

Do You Think That The DC Universe Can Get Along Ok Without a Justice League Sequel? What DC Characters/Movies Would You Like To See On The Big Screen? Comment Below And Let Us Know!

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