Why YOU Should Be Hoping Guardians Of The Galaxy Hits Big!

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The release date for James Gunn’ Sci-Fi Superhero adventure is getting ever nearer, and the big question that remains is whether Marvel Comics B Team can score an A level hit at the international box office. Here’s 5 reason we at AlwaysAround think YOU should be hoping the movie is a monster hit.

1 It Would Pave The Way For More Expansive Space Adventures To Come.

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Avengers in deep space anyone? With Marvel studios output so far being largely Earth based, it is a brave an exciting move to take on what is essentially a space epic with GOTG, and you can bet your collective asses that if the formula strikes gold at the box office this year we will see more and more epic, space travelling stories in the future from Marvel, presumably involving more established character to boot(World War Hulk is on our particular wish list!).

2 It’s Good Old Fashioned Fun With A Capital F!

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We at AlwaysAround cannot get enough of brooding, super serious Superhero adventures such as The Dark Knight Trilogy & Man Of Steel, but if Marvel Studios has proven anything in it’s brief yet stunningly successful existence, it is that they set out to entertain first and foremost, with high drama for better or worse more often that not taking a back seat to outright comedy. In Guardians Of The Galaxy they have a property that suits their comedic overtones down to the ground, so we will be genuinely shocked if the movie isn’t highly entertaining throughout.

3 Chris Pratt Is A Future Superstar.

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It is highly refreshing to see a man who GOTG Director James Gunn once described as ‘the chubby one from Parks & Recreations’ stepping into the role of a Superhero Han Solo, for whatever size he has come in Chris Pratt has consistently shown he has what it takes to become a truly major star, displaying a talent for both comedy and drama that shines in every role he makes his own. Star- Lord is the role that should send the 35 year old stratospheric.

4 This Movie Takes Us Ever Closer To Thanos.

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Let’s face it, Thanos Vs The Avengers is the big smackdown we all can’t wait to see, and seeing as it has been confirmed that the big bad & ‘Mad Titan’ himself will be appearing in GOTG, we can only hope that the film is a roaring success that does the Super Villain Supreme justice so that his inevitable showdown with Earth’s Mightiest Heroes becomes even more tantalising that it currently is(which seems near impossible). And we simply cannot wait to see Thanos’s right hand man, Ronan The Accuser, kicking all kinds of ass throughout the movie.

5 We’ll Get More Guardians Of The Galaxy Movies.

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Ok, so whether or not more GOTG movies would be a good thing is of course entirely dependent on the quality of the 1st movie, but we have to say that with each & every trailer we at AlwaysAround are becoming more and more confident that this could be one of Marvel’s very best movies to date. Don’t let us down, please.

Do You Think That Marvel’s Guardian’s Of The Galaxy Will Be A Big Hit At The International Box Office? Whatever Your Thoughts Please Let Us Know By Commenting Below!

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