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With the bad taste left after Brett Ratner took the helm of The X-Franchise with the turkey that was X-Men The Last Stand it was understandable that original X-Men director Bryan Singer was keen to fix what had been broken in that movie. This is not an inconsiderable task, especially given that certain key players were killed off in that atrocious third outing for everyone’s favorite mutants.

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The good news, then, is that not only does Singer succeed in this herculean task, managing to revive the cinematic magic of his first X-Men sequel X2, but he actually surpasses it, with a tale that is equal parts thoughtful drama and bombastic alt-historical action epic, which is not the easiest of cocktails to mix. Despite its epic nature the plot is actually very simple, seeing Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine sent back to the 1970’s to rally the members of the not yet existent X-Men to help him avoid an apocalyptic future for all of them(and pretty much everyone else on planet Earth as well).

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Although the entire cast play their parts perfectly the show is still well and truly stolen by Magneto(both future and past versions), a lethally charismatic, supremely intelligent yet deeply damaged crusader for ‘Mutantkind’. Also highly impressive is performance of James MCavoy, who in this installment spends much of his time hooked on drugs which allow him to walk but suppress his psychic abilities. One in flight showdown between the young Professor Xavier & Erik Lehnsherr is a thrillingly acted movie highlight, both actors giving powerhouse performances that in less flashy films would no doubt attract the attention of the Academy Awards. Peter Dinkelidge is also worthy of mention as the driven, mutant hating scientist Dr. Bolivar Trask, as is Jennifer Lawrence as the conflicted and angry yet vulnerable Rouge/Mystique. A somewhat surprising treat is the character of Quicksilver, who is given a truly brilliant introduction in the movie, and so we hope to see a lot more of the cheeky speedster in future X-movies.

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It’s certainly a good thing that the plot called for Wolverine to be the protagonist, as the world weary, grouchily reluctant hero(with metal claws and a healing factor)is a great guide through the larger than life events that unfold, not least because of the humor the character often employs in the face of dire situations. Overall this installment sets the X-Men franchise firmly back on track and sets the scene beautifully for X-Men Apocalypse, which, following the great box office success of it’s predecessor should be as huge as it’s principal villain.

Or Verdict = 5/6 Stars. Excellent.

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