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Elements of Interior Designing

Either it is about home interior, office interior, hotel interior or villa interior, interior designs always follow a pattern. We think that an interior designer will come and order around his or her assistants and throw some colors here and there or push around some furniture and the work will be done.

But we have seen the best interior design company in Dubai UAE doing work like it is their assessment test. What seems easy for us, if you ask an interior designer, even though almost all love their jobs but they also claim that their line of field is the hardest one. That is a totally different topic and we can get to that in some other post. If you are a hirer or a new interior designer, you should know the key elements of interior design.

Color: color is the main thing and the first thing that comes in the mind of an interior designer when he or she enters a space. But before that he or she will be asking that what is your fav color and then go the mixing of different colors and making new kind of blends and contrasts. The color game is very deep, if you want to keep the color according you your mood and feeling then it will be a totally different game.

Form: here form means shape like what is the shape of your space and what are the shape of your furniture and the shape of the whole place. There are two types of forms;

  • Organic Forms: these are irregular, curvy, natural and abstract shapes.
  • Geometric Forms: these are man made shapes, sharp, triangles and squares.


Light: the effect of light can be seen in the movies; the horror movies will always have a gloomy and dull light effect whereas a comedy or an adventure movie will have bright colors. And so does the light have a huge impact on how your space should light up.

Line: line is a perimeter of shape. Lines have a theory of their own, according to interior designers; horizontal lines give the vibe of security and safety while the vertical ones give the vibe of boldness and expressiveness.

Pattern and Texture: pattern includes lines and forms whereas texture can show give a vibe of how objects feel.