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Facts about keratin treatment

Keratin treatment is getting popularity due to many reasons and people will like to have this keratin treatment Abu Dhabi no matter how expensive it will be because after that treatment, hair will be so manageable and it will be a great blessing for people with frizzy and extreme curly hairs. These people will like to pay any amount for that and they know that for getting this treatment they should not go to the barber near me because this technique need to be done by the professionals and trained people otherwise your hair will start falling and you will get dandruff too. There are a few facts about keratin treatment which you all need to keno so red this below:

When you get the treatment then there will be a great need to keep them in the way they are but for that you have to change your life style a bit like if you are swimming top much in the chlorine saturated water then the life of treatment will be reduced and you will start getting frizzy hair even after 3 month.

You also need to get the relevant shampoo for your hair because if you use the shampoo enriched with sulfate and sodium then you will not get that amazing look for more time as the sulfate and sodium will react with your hair and then the hair will leave the effect of keratin and comes back to the normal texture.

When you get the treatment then you have to wait for about 3 to 4 days and in these days you are not allowed to wash your hair even with the simple water because if you do that then you will not get the desired results and your amount will be wasted. Not washing hair will restore the chemical effect in the hair for longer period of time and you will get amazing results after that but do not wash for early 4 days.

This treatment is highly forbidden for pregnant women because these chemicals will get in to the body of pregnant women and then they will harm the baby. Although this treatment is quite safe but you have to be more vigilant in this regard. Even if you are trying to conceive then you should not get this treatment because you never know when you have baby inside.