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How to keep your prayer mat clean?

Prayer mats will be used five times every day and more than one person will use them so they will get dirty and look messy after some time so there is a great need to keep them clean from time to time. You have to get a clean place to offer prayer and a dirty or smelly prayer mat will not give you a proper place to pray on that. Either you have a folding Janamaz or a Musalla prayer mat you need to keep that clean and you can even wash them if the fabric allows you to do that. To keep your mat clean for longer and to clean a dirty prayer mat you have to see these tips below:

When you offer your prayer then you have to fold that at the time when you leave that place because it will help you keep that clean from getting any kind of dirt and dust particles. When you leave that on the ground then there will be a lot of invisible dust particle that ill reside on that and with the passage of time they will change the color of your prayer mat and it looks dirty.

Next tip is that you have to keep your folded prayer mat in a place which is clean and have lesser chances of getting dirt there. It will be good to have it in a drawer from where you can get that easily when you need and also it will be saved from the dirt particles. Putting in the drawer will be a good idea for people having smaller kids because they will often put their dirty hands on the mat and make them dirty.

Next tip is that you have to clean your rugs after sometime of use like after every 3 months. You have to clean that according to the fabric like if you have the mat in cotton fabric then you can easily wash that at home but if there are a lot of layers or a very thick fabric along with foam padding then you will need to vacuum clean it or get it cleaned from the dry cleaner because cleaning that at home will be very difficult and you may not be able to do that correctly. Be careful with cleaning your prayer mats at home.