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Things to know about SASO quality mark

The full form of SASO is the Saudi Organization for Standardization, which is responsible to check and control the quality of all products and make sure to achieve the quality as per Saudi standards. SASO has excellent quality systems and facilities that assure to production of quality goods with limited resources. The purpose of the SASO quality mark is to determine the originality of products under the technical Saudi regulations and standards. The SASO quality mark indicates that the product has been made and tested according to the standards and matches the required quality. The Saudi quality mark use system covers the requirements of ISO (International standards Specifications).

The role of Tabseer for obtaining the license of SASO quality mark:

SASO quality mark is a mark that represents the Saudi standards and quality organization. Tabseer is an assessment body that helps to fulfill quality mark requirements. They perform the following tasks: They study the required documents carefully before submitting them. They review the technical documents that are provided by the applicants. They take necessary actions and provide recommendations for making conformity decisions. When they make sure that all documents are up to standards and meet the requirements, they sent them back to the relevant authority for the final decision. They also communicate with a facilitator to get a license for using the SASO quality mark.

Who can apply for the SASO quality mark?

Every manufacturer that produces or distributes products under the Saudi technical regulations and standards can apply for the Saudi quality mark. Here are the following products that can apply for a license.

  • Mechanical manufacturers that produce mechanical products.
  • Dyes and chemical products.
  • Electrical products, including home appliances.
  • Food and dairy products.


Advantage of getting Saudi quality mark license:

Saudi quality marks satisfy the customers and build confidence among them. It also helps to increase sales and revenue. The SASO quality mark improves your reputation not only in the local market but also globally. With quality, you get a chance to obtain free registration of Saber. Once you achieve the quality mark license, you do not have to obtain a conformity certificate. Saudi quality mark allows you to get a free entry of products with the help of customer outlets. It helps to support the national economy and raise competition in the domestic and international markets. It also helps to increase Saudi export.

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