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Tips on finding the right nursery school

Your choice in preschool will greatly influence the learning abilities and social skills of your child. There are a number of institutions and nursery in JBR, Dubai that offer high quality learning for young kids; however, choosing the right preschool is a crucial task. To help parents to choose a nursery, experts recommend these four tips to follow:

List your own requirements

Different parents have discrete priorities for their child’s learning. Some believe learning in a strict environment to be more effective, while others want their child to have more creativity enhancing freedom. Some parents search for schools near their home or workplace, while others don’t mind sending their kids to nursery schools that are not as near but it’s a reputable one. Figure out what you really need in a school for your child, for this can later on make your search less complicated.

Search for schools in your chosen area

One of the best ways to narrow down your options is to do your research and eliminate the ones that do not meet your demands. The school’s credentials, registration and licensing status, teacher-to-student ratios and provisions for food and snacks, are the main factors to be considered after you have chosen some of the best schools within your area. To search for schools near you, type the keyword such as dubai marina nursery, would help you find all of the available options.

Visit your top choices

After you have limited your choices to a few, the next step in choosing a nursery is to visit them and observe the surroundings. Pay close attention to the cleanliness of the area. See if there’s enough free space for the kids to play and run. Also, check that the classrooms have appropriate toys or activities for children to pass the time. In addition to all these, ask parents for their comments on the school.



Take your child along during inspection

Taking your child along during inspection allows you to see how comfortable your child is with the new place. You may also gauge whether your child is truly ready for this next big step or he/she still needs some time and effort.

You need to invest time personally researching on the different possible nurseries where you can send your child for providing him/her the highest quality of education.