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Ways to detect a mystery shopper

Companies who are in need of conducting a survey of the market for their product launch would want to hire a mystery shopper Dubai as they will provide them the inside information about the market and what people will be like to need from a certain product and which product is in high demand. You will not be in need to give them proper sales training UAE because their work is not very technical and when you have a bigger store having different products then you will often get some secret mystery shoppers in your store and you have to detect them with the help of the following tips:

When they enter in to your store then they will a lot of photos from different angles and they are not only taking photos of the products but also of the store especially when they are hired to know the cleanliness and the performance of the store so you have to be careful with them. A normal shopper will not take photos or make videos of everything they find in store so you have easily detected them.

When they enter in your store then they will have a list of items which are related to each other and if you pay a little attention then you will get to know that they are making pictures of the items in their list from different angles specifically. When there is a normal shopper then they will carry the list with them, take the items and go to counter for payment while the mystery shopper will take too long to buy anything and get hundreds of photos in the meanwhile.

When there is a mystery shopper then they will ask questions from you about s a specific kind of products and they will ask abnormal amount of questions from you and when you ask something from them then they will be reluctant to give you answers as they are not allowed to reveal their identity. If any of the store caught a mystery shopper then the company will refuse to get their engagement with their company so the shopper should be very careful about it and if you pay slightly more attention to every customer then you will be able to detect the mystery shopper in your store and then save yourself from competitors.